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Are you fit?

What about your ((heartbeat))?

Have a look at TWIKE ((heartbeat)) and add your TWIKE trips to your daily training session. Because it’s all in one: an environmentally friendly, innovative vehicle and a training machine.

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Welcome to TWIKE

TWIKE is tomorrow’s mobility for today’s people.

The TWIKE is an electric vehicle which you can buy today. The first TWIKEs were rolled out 18 years ago. Today there are over 1.000 TWIKEs on the road, which have together amassed over 60,000,000 km of experience. The TWIKE has been kept up to date and is now fitted with lithium batteries, making it the ideal mode of transport for your daily travels. The TWIKE is efficient, environmentally friendly, attractive and sportive.

85 km / h
500 km
Human Power Hybrid

Most TWIKEs are on the road in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

We will be happy to provide information on TWIKE partners and test-driving events in your region.
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