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I met my first TWIKE in a Dutch book about recumbent bikes, around 1996. Two years later I bought TW120 from a Swiss pilot and had it gradually restored to its full splendour by my friends at FINE Mobile GmbH in Rosenthal. In 2010 a 24 Ah LION battery was installed, giving my TWIKE a maximal range of 200 Km on a single charge. No memory effect, the batteries nicely keep their charge while parked, no need to fully charge and discharge regularly : I am in heaven ! Even on a freezing winter day, with headlights and heaters on, I now can drive over 100 Km at top allowable speed in urban traffic, including a flat piece of highway at 97 Km/h.

I use my TWIKE on daily basis : commuting to work and to the European capital, running errands, visiting my aging parents to check if they are all right, taking care of my horses on their farm, driving to a more distant farmhouse which I am restoring with my brother and friends, and transportation to the starting point of mountain bike tours all over Belgium (my bike fits snugly inside my TWIKE). A TWIKE has a lot of advantages in Belgian traffic. I only use our 4WD family car for family outings and heavy transportation. My TWIKE has effectively been my first vehicle since 1998 !

If you'd like a testdrive, or discuss this wonderful zero-emission vehicle with an experienced TWIKEr, please use my contact form.