Your new TWIKE comes as standard with all the features listed here. In addition, you can customize the TWIKE with a variety of additional equipment.


Drive system

Asynchronous machine, 3 kW continuous power, 7 kW peak power, 5-speed pedal drive switchable,
Digital power electronics, 3 kW integrated charger, on-board computer, battery management system


Controls and displays

Joystick steering with cruise control and recuperation button,
Code lock - Electronic immobilizer
Display with range indicator, operating and battery data


exterior fittings

Thermoplastic shell Luran S, white, round rear lights, double round front lights Aluminium SpaceFrame with roll bar

Front windscreen made of laminated safety glass, windscreen wiper & windscreen washer system
Convertible top, one-piece, made of tarpaulin fabric


interior fittings

Fittings and handles made of beech wood
Floor carpet, dark blue; bucket seats with fabric cover, blue
3-point safety belts, luggage compartment 250 litres
12 V socket outlet, interior lighting LED
3. brake light, battery complete switch-off, fan warm air 475 Watt



Independent front and rear suspension, alloy wheels
2-circuit hydraulic brake system: disc brake front, drum brake rear
Aluminium tube frame (chassis)



LION battery 7 kWh

Range:   80 - 160 km

Weight:    38 kg

LION battery 10,6 kWh

Range: 120 - 240 km

Weight:    57 kg

LION battery 14,1 kWh

Range: 160 - 320 km

Weight:    76 kg

LION battery 17,7 kWh

Range: 200 - 400 km

Weight:    95 kg


One-piece zipper top,
tarpaulin fabric

Zip top, three-part,
tarpaulin fabric

Zip top, three-part,
Sonnenlandstoff material

Zip top, one-piece,
Sonnenlandstoff material


Fabric cover, removable blue

Fabric cover, more padded,
removable, grey

Upholstered microfibre seats,
beige or black

Upholstered leather seats,


Carpet basic

Carpet light

Carpet light plus with side pockets

Carpet deluxe with chain box-
and luggage compartment cover



We have been testing a wide variety of wheel-tyre combinations for years. Previously, the TWIKE ran on specially optimised motorcycle tyres. Now we offer you a conversion kit for light car tyres, with which all vehicles can be retrofitted.

The new wheels for the rear axle provide more safety and more comfort through better driving behaviour. They last longer and are easier to change. The new tyres have the size 135/70 R 15 and are available as summer, winter and all-season tyres.

The wheels are fitted with a new brake drum. For this purpose, the wheel housings have an enlarged cut-out. The rims are painted black as standard.

Do the tyre change!
Contact your TWIKE partner or the TWIKE plant in Rosenthal.



If you are interested please contact us