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The eCarConnect Team:

Edward Bongers is an experienced TWIKE pilot. Since he bought his first one in 2006, he covered a distance equal to the circumference of our globe, 40.000 km. The electricity to cross this distance was generated by nine solar panels placed on the roof of his TWIKE garage. Edward is convinced that we should change our lifestyle in order to give next generations a good future. “We already use more resources than the earth can produce. In other words, we are consuming our planet. So we have to act now to avoid serious problems in the future.”
For Edward the TWIKE has become an icon for a future lifestyle that requires far less natural resources and energy while becoming healthier and having fun.

Together with Frank Nienhaus he started a new company named eCarConnect. Their mission is to offer healthy, affordable and sustainable mobility. Frank and Edward are convinced that fun and ease of use will facilitate the adoption of a new mobility lifestyle.
Frank is driving a TWIKE since 2009 and his addiction is getting serious. “Our energy consumption is often based on, “it is available, so why don’t use it.” This thinking leads to purposeless use without improving our quality of life. With some small adjustments we can decrease our use of energy without loss of quality. Use LED enlightenment and turn of the lights if you are leaving a room. Do not throw away food, in a lot of cases it tastes better when heated for the second time (f.i. spaghetti). Vary meat and fish with vegetarian food. Get on your bike instead of your car, your health will improve as well. Using less energy without offering quality of life, that’s where I stand for. eCarConnect fits perfectly with this way of life and will stimulate others to switch to healthy mobility.


Being a service point of the TWIKE is a logical addition to our company portfolio. Having contact with similar minds offers new insights into the motivation of others and enables us to develop better propositions for supply and demand. In other words, Let’s TWIKE.

After the summer of 2010 Ruud van Es joined our company. Ruud has 2 additional location. Therefor we created a better coverage of the Netherlands (Groningen, Zwijndrecht and Thorn) so our service for new customers improved. Ruud is an enthusiastic TWIKE pilot who knows almost all the “ins and outs” of the TWIKE. Together, we serve our customers well and you will experience our high level of service.