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The electronically controllable pedal generator in the TWIKE 5 mutates from a range extender to a life extender. After all, “regular physical activity lowers the risk of chronic disease, contributes to psychological well-being and reduces mortality,” according to unanimous scientific papers on the subject.


In the primeval days of the TWIKE 3, the saving of up to 15% in electrical energy consumption was still more likely to reduce range anxiety, but in the TWIKE 5, the electronic evaluation of the athletic contribution will put the focus more on the physical fitness of its users.


The display of the respective power output, the cadence and also the balance of the energy output over time, enables the user to tailor a training program to his needs, prevents overload and motivates health-promoting pedaling.


The pedal system is thereby ergonomically optimally coordinated with the seating position and arrangement of the side-stick steering, the coaster connected with the hydraulic braking system. As with the TWIKE 3 pedal system that has been in use for a quarter of a century, it is not absolutely necessary to pedal to move forward. However, the feedback in the display and the electronically optimized resistance will entice even more to make a sporty contribution.