20 Years in Production

It was introduced to the media at the BASF press conference at the Hockenheimring as an unconventional vehicle in the summer of 1995; not a prototype but the first vehicles of a series. What was so special was not only the new vehicle concept and its airplane-like shape but also that more than 200 customers were eagerly awaiting delivery of their vehicle.

Sustainability shaped the philosophy from the ground up. Simply constructed like a tractor but as light as a plane, it should embody the future of mobility. A service life of at least 10 years was the goal. Meanwhile, a large number of the TWILEs produced back then are still on the road daily even after 20 years and new TWIKEs are additionally rolling out each month from the production facility of Fine Mobility GmbH in Rosenthal. 

Our continued development is barely visible from the outside. However, in the battery and electronics areas, the TWIKE has the newest technologies built in; making it possible for even the first vehicles to be upgraded for a range of over 600 km and connection to today’s world of communication.

The anniversary gave the TWIKE Club of Switzerland on 15th August 2015 a chance to retrace the history and share memories of the past 20 years. Pioneers such as National Councillor Francois Loeb told stories about the Noth Cape Challenge in 1998, pictures from the adventurous participation in the Solar Challenge 2007 through Australia or the WAVE tour through India and much, much more evoked many pleasant memories. Innovative personalities shaped the history. After a short tour of the Basel region, there was an opportunity in Gelterkinden to extensively and comfortably talk with everyone and enjoy the ambiance.

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