As much as the fulfillment of the technical requirements was in the foreground in the vehicle development of the TWIKE 5 and continues to be decisive, questions of the timely availability and logistics of all components are increasingly pushing forward in the planning.

In doing so, maximum compatibility with alternative components, manufacturing processes and purchasing sources was taken into account from the start. And yet, a shortage of high-quality battery cells for small series manufacturers is currently narrowing the possible selection more than we estimated a few months ago. The problem is recognized and we work through a package of measures which will ultimately ensure the high performance, range and service life that we are aiming for. We will not accept any compromises in terms of the quality of the rechargeable cell and we are also in promising negotiations regarding the earliest possible delivery date.

We are all very pleased that we have already been able to contractually fix the delivery of a no less critical component in the desired batch size: this so-called 3-in-1 drive unit in its combination of motor, gearbox and high-voltage inverter is already in large-scale use by other vehicle manufacturers and comes from a supplier with an unequivocal reputation.