07.03.2018 / In addition to detailing the frame structure, the hood and window mechanics, securing the connection concept for the trim parts, clarifying long-term availability, etc., the developers are currently working on the so-called BOM (bill of materials), i.e. the list of all individual parts, piece by piece. The BOM is an elementary basis for purchasing, but also for the subsequent process of assembly up to the later stocking of spare parts, when vehicles have been delivered for a long time and have even been in service for 20 years.  

In accordance with a manufacturer-specific standard, an article number must be issued, the specification documented, drawings derived, 3D data stored in a kind of digital safe on the server and, of course, the costs of the parts secured. If the parts price is higher than the target price, renegotiation with the supplier and, in the negative case, also revision of the development technology of the assembly with a view to a more cost-effective solution will take place.

The following large series offered to the suppliers with the TWIKE 6 already helps to motivate them occasionally to make the purchase price for the exclusive series of the TWIKE 5 more accommodating. In addition to the creative development work, this part of the negotiation is also exciting, but it is also exhausting. In the argumentation is helpful in any case thereby your past commitment, we can refer nevertheless to daring nearly 40 TWIKE pioneers with whom we could steal so far already over a quarter of the total budget of 2 millions €.

In addition to the consistent continuation and execution of the development tasks, it is now essential to further increase this potential and to find and inspire the other 160 pioneers for the initial series.

The current reservation status is here.