Feel your heartbeat!

Feel your heartbeat!

Are you fit? With a TWIKE ((heartbeat)), your commute to work becomes your daily workout. Because this TWIKE is an environmentally friendly, innovative vehicle and training machine rolled into one. Keep an overview of your training. With the Mio Link* pulse bracelet and your fitness app, the TWIKE becomes a sports machine with an ingenious concept for your personal performance enhancement.

* You already have a heart rate monitor? If it fulfils the same requirements, we will credit you 100€ instead of including the Mio Link.

We want to make sure that you feel good

Because your health is important to us, included in our offer is a fitness and health check** by a sports physician. They will create a custom training recommendation and explain how to use the pulse bracelet and fitness app. The pulse bracelet not only records your health data but also shows you which heart rate zone you are in.

** This comprehensive sports medicine examination can be done by the doctor of your choice or one that we recommend.

100% Support

We support this action 100 % (= 10 % discount on all 10 vehicles in the ((heartbeat)) edition). In return you let us be a part of your training successes.*** 

*** In this way, we would like to better know the training aspects of the TWIKE and publish the results. The transfer of data is of course voluntary; the publication can be made anonymously if desired.