Getting into the TWIKE 5 – easily done

The framework concept was actually concluded and should only be confirmed with the test mule. In the meanwhile, a wooden skeleton served as a space model while several test journeys in the TWIKE 4 with interested parties showed us clearly the need to revise the initial entry ergonomic. The side profile was too high and the entry into the model was not always easy. A re-examination revealed the possibilities for improvement but also the following consequence: The framework structure had to be re-examined.

In no case a new solution was allowed to be less safe and with more weight. The engineers of the mechanics, the designer and the supplier of the exterior components had to come together again in order to elaborate a new design approach and check for its implementation. And in retrospect, this has been perfectly accomplished.  

The entry is for people of all sizes and ages as effortless as we have not seen it yet in any other vehicle known to us. It also opens the cohesive hood only upwards and therefore does not occupy any parking space sidewards. Significantly heavy components could be set downwards and thus favor a low center of gravity of the entire vehicle. In addition, the weight of the components could even be further reduced. Since the majority of the hood body is located in the upper half of the vehicle, this weight reduction will advantageously have an effect on all possible driving maneuvers.

Last but not least, the entire outer skin could be made even more pleasant with the rework. With the new design, we now proceed to the further optimization of the aerodynamics and the integration of the safety zones. We are looking forward to your feedback!