How it all started!

The General Manager of the TWIKE GmbH, Martin Möscheid, in an interview.

Herr Möscheid, when did planning begin on the TWIKE 5?
Planning had already begun in 2010. When we placed third the X-Prize with the TWIKE 4, it was clear to all of us that we wanted to mass-produce this car. The driving pleasure that this small, light car offers is simply incomparable to anything else! We always say: It has got the genes of a motorcycle and a car. And it drives that way too. 

Why didn’t a TWIKE 4 come after the TWIKE 3?
The TWIKE 4 was an experimental vehicle. We have not only shown that we can build a powerful market-driven vehicle, we have also learned a lot from it. Although we had intended to mass-produce the TWIKE 4 from the beginning, we realised during development that we can still make a lot of improvements.

Such as?
I don’t want to reveal too much at this point. For now, only the following: The TWIKE 4 at 650 kg is definitely too heavy for us. 500 kg is the upper limit that we have set ourselves for the TWIKE 5. The range should be higher and also the top speed can be considerably increased due to its chassis allowing for significantly faster speeds.

Even tough it has only three wheels?
We have developed the undercarriage together with renowned chassis experts who usually work for the major players in the automotive industry. As a matter of fact, enormous cornering speeds are possible in the TWIKE 4. And that although its centre of gravity is actually too high. The TWIKE 5 can be steered through curves like a sports car.

Is the weight with or without batteries?
With, of course! This weight is unrivalled. A BMW i3 tips the weighs in at 1.3 tons and even such a small car like the i-MIEV weighs more than a tonne. Every kilogram saved equals additional range. And the electric drivetrain can reach its full potential, also with regard to energy efficiency, only in such a very light vehicle. It is here that the TWIKE 5 will raise the bar again!

Thank you very much for the interview!

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