In the beginning was the drive

Construction of the driver test vehicle has begun. In addition to further initial procurements, we have now commissioned the engine specially designed for the TWIKE 5. It is a synchronous machine designed as a double motor, which will be produced as a prototype.

The TWIKE 3 was also able to set itself apart from conventional drive concepts at the time due to its high reliability and above all high efficiency. This lead is to be further extended in the TWIKE 5 in combination with the drive electronics already tested in a sports boat. The engines will be equipped with a sophisticated water cooling system, which creates optimum temperature conditions for the drive and makes the heat loss available to the passengers as heating.

Our efforts to establish an R&D (research and development) partnership with a university were also successful and resulted in a concrete project for the production development of TWIKE components. More on this later. Meanwhile the first engines are going into production, we will take care of the construction of the chassis and frame parts already designed in the coming weeks. Look forward to the next blog entry with us or visit us in Rosenthal in the meantime for a test drive with the TWIKE 4, where we will give you a live insight into the current state of development. Please book in advance and preferably for the weekend - because we would like to take enough time for you.