Let´s talk business!

What should the following TWIKE 6 look like?

A few weeks ago a partner from overseas asked us this question after a test drive in the TWIKE 4 and presentation of the development status of the TWIKE 5. It was not difficult to give the description, it should actually become like the TWIKE 5: only cheaper due to lower but still sufficient performance and due to the production in larger series.

Then why wait and not start the development of the TWIKE 6 now?

The answer to this question was less easy. Because even the development of the TWIKE 4 was originally designed for a larger series, but with the participation in the Automotive X-PRIZE in the USA it had drained enormously of our strength and liquidity. The result in this unique $10 million US dollar competition as the 3rd place to cross the finish line and show the lowest consumption of all finalists remains unchallenged. But none of the other finalists or even other promising participants with triple-digit million dollar budgets have launched a successful product since then. In all this, our concern to risk the positive history of TWIKE and our company in rapid growth was justified. The limitation to an exclusive series of 500 vehicles was thus both a risk limitation and a perception of the opportunity.

But doesn't one risk to lose the connection with a limitation in the meantime and thereby cede potential to more courageous competitors?

This question sat and we could not dismiss the danger. Fresh unneeded startups and university spin-offs pumped up massively by subsidies shine in the press with price announcements for electric Class-M vehicles (passenger cars), which even established mass production manufacturers should learn to fear. Whether they are really afraid or just waiting for the startups to fail? We will see. In any case, purchase price expectations were awakened in interested parties who are not represented in the small series. On the positive side, however, it must be noted that the topic is thus brought to the wider public and a potentially larger market is emerging.  And the special attributes of the TWIKE, fitness training, lightweight construction concept and impressive efficiency at the same time, have so far not been topped.

The further discussion with an interested partner from overseas was very positive and after a following one-week return visit and intensive workshop a cooperation could be agreed upon. The work packages for the coming weeks are manifold and essentially aim at investigating and securing the marketing and larger series production of a TWIKE 6 from now on. We will also rethink our financing strategy. TWIKE 5 will benefit from this.

Are you interested in a TWIKE? Or do you simply like our development and would like to support us? We will be happy to send you further information. Simply send us a message using the following contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!