Targa top

A clear view of the blue sky, the sound of the sea close to your ears and a refreshing breeze around your head. Does that sound like riding a bicycle on holiday? Yes, but it could also be a ride in a TWIKE. The fabric roof has been opened and the side windows have been lowered. If there is too much wind, the windows can be raised and when the first rain clouds are announced, the fabric roof is simply closed again. Reaching our destination safely and dry.

These thoughts have accompanied us during the construction of the opening in the hood and the design of the side window. The latter will be immersed behind the door leaf when opening and only needs short guide rails to find its way safely and tightly into the upper end position.

As much as we ourselves are fans of the pure mechanics, the final decision was made in favour of the electric lifting mechanism. On the one hand the safer user-friendliness was decisive, on the other hand the low costs spoke for this solution.

For example, the windscreen on the passenger side can be closed from the driver's side by simply pressing a button. The driver does not have to take his hands off the steering levers any longer than necessary. The cloth roof can be opened from the inside simply with a zipper partly or completely and can be closed with threatening rain also fast from the seat position again. Together with you we are looking forward to untroubled convertible fun.