As much as the new steering of the TWIKE 5 will give its users joy (English: Joy), the official name will be Side-Stick-Steering.
In contrast to the TWIKE 3, the TWIKE 5 will also have its two steering levers and still allow to control the vehicle with one hand at a time, no matter if with the left or the right. The direction of movement of the steering lever is extremely intuitive and similar to that of a conventional car steering wheel: Left hand pulling backwards downwards steers to the left, right hand pulling backwards downwards directs to the right. It is recommended, however, by us as in the sporty steering of a normal car also "to push into the curve", that means e.g. to initiate a right turn with the left lever pushed forward. This stabilizes your sitting position - the pressure keeps you better in the seat taken - and you drive altogether more stable. In good driving schools or later following safety training you get this steering also for the normal car and this can also be applied to the TWIKE 5. The TWIKE also has a positive effect that the feet are always supported on the pedal system and this also stabilizes the seating position - in normal cars, this is usually only one-sided the coupling foot, if you do not just turn.
The speed can be changed on both levers: To the right sits a so-called driving poti with which one can steplessly change the acceleration. On the left sit the tempo mats with which one, like the control of the TWIKE 3, fixes his own desired speed or by prolonged pressing also increases it can reduce.
Integrated in the grips are regularly used controls, e.g. Turn signal, up-down switching, windscreen wiping function and a scrolling and dialing function for the display.
So that the operating pleasure is never clouded, the surfaces of the handles are interchangeable (Alcantara, leather, natural fiber, wood, ..) and the handles are heated.
If you would like to get an impression of this new side-stick steering, you are welcome to take a test drive with the TWIKE 4 in Rosenthal! We look forward to you!