For us, the TWIKE 5 is more than just a vehicle development. It is the further development of the TWIKE brand and the values ​​it stands for: sporty electromobility with a small footprint and great driving pleasure. The timelessness of the TWIKE concept has been a good base for the successful small series since its invention. But now it's time to take another step forward.

It will take a few more months until the start of series production, but these also passed quickly and we are therefore asked to assign a higher level of liability to the meanwhile over 1.200 reservations we have received so far. Since the small series is limited to 500 TWIKE 5 and the production period should only be about one year, the planned tight schedule requires this lead time and a good preparation.

A TWIKE 5 can no longer only be reserved, but can also be pre-ordered without obligation with a deposit of at least 1.000 euros. The down payment bears 5% interest and the interest account balance is used for a fair and transparent ranking, which can be seen on our online ranking (delivery list). We will initially offer test drives to the first 500 pre-orders, using the ranking, i.e. the order of the delivery list, as a guide. All previous reservation holders have already been contacted, giving them the opportunity to convert their previous reservation into a pre-order. The sophisticated ranking system, however, offers successors the opportunity to secure one of the TWIKE 5, which is limited to 500 pieces, by pre-ordering.

If it doesn't have to be the deliberately high-performance TWIKE 5 and the delivery can be at a later, a TWIKE 6 can be pre-ordered by also using our pre-order contact form. The difference to the TWIKE 5 will essentially be a less pronounced performance (about 120 km / h), a targeted larger series and a resulting lower price. The specification of the TWIKE 6 will not be finalized until the start of the TWIKE 5 series production. However, the ranking system remains the same and gives you the opportunity to secure a good delivery position.