TWIKE Service

No oil change, no filter change, no spark plugs and much more. Electric vehicles never have to go back to service! This dream of some new customers of e-vehicles when switching to e-mobility caused real fear to many established repair shops being afraid of losing their previously secure source of income for vehicle service. But is that really true? Our experience is: No, even electric vehicles should be regularly in the garage to change wear parts such as tires or brake pads or to check current general condition of the vehicle.

How to reduce technical service and repair costs was our focus during the development of the TWIKE 5 from the beginning. The cases of accident repair and the regularly recurring service (inspection, care, replacement of wearing parts) were mainly considered.

With regard to unavoidable accident repairs, we will ensure that the TWIKE insurance rates will also remain low in the future by consistently separating the component levels in the surface (minor damage), the victim structure and the actual support structure. Thus, a slight scratch in the surface can be repaired by replacing the coloring film. A deeper scratch can be removed before applying the new film by trowelling. If the component is cracked, it can be glued if necessary or, in the event of major damage, it can be partially and temporarily replaced (reduced to the affected parts) with the underlying sacrificial structure in a time and cost-optimized manner. If, due to an even greater accident, a dismantling of the vehicle up to the supporting frame is required, then even this can be done within a few hours using workshop-standard tools. This uncomplicated dismantling results from the consistent consideration of an ergonomic assembly in our manufactory. The vehicle is built from "bottom to top" by hand and can be disassembled in reverse order screwing again.  To note for all ambitious hobby mechanics: The use of a conventional motorcycle lift makes work processes even more ergonomic. A ceiling height of about 2m is already sufficient.

The regular garage visit will mainly serve the check of the correct functions, the care of locks and seals as well as the replacement of the designated wearing parts. The most conspicuous wearing part will be the same as already known with our TWIKE 3: the tire. With the TWIKE 5, however, a passenger car tire will already be used in the basic equipment, so replacement intervals are foreseeable > than 50,000 km. But since the TWIKE 5 also represents a complete new development, we will start with the usual maintenance intervals (1,000km initial service, once a year or every 10,000km) and gradually increase them.

Overall, since components of the automotive industry are predominantly used, a longer service life and a considerably lower maintenance effort are to be expected. Interested service partners receive a free initial training in our manufactory for standard maintenance work. At the time of delivery, customers are also instructed in simple, self-feasible service work (for example fill level washer fluid, wiper blade replacement, wheel change to winter tires).

An overview of all current TWIKE partners can be found here.