TWIKE 5 - lightweight construction with flax

Flax fibers are truly green. As a 100% renewable raw material, the sustainable fibers are ideally recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. They are also very strong and very light. Flax fibers are also characterized by high dimensional stability, good insulating properties and a low density of 1.4 g/cm³ compared to e.g. glass fibers with 2.54 g/cm³. As a thermal and acoustic insulator, flax fibers offer numerous ecological advantages and also have a low impact on the environment.

For TWIKE 5 we aimed at a high freedom of shape and inherent rigidity of all shaping surface parts. On the other hand, in relation to the planned series an adapted investment in tools is required. And last but not least, in addition to all ecological requirements a high quality appearance of all surfaces is essential. Surface and structural components made of flax, partially supported by carbon fiber layers, meet all these requirements perfectly and the manufacturing process defined together with the development partner First Composites GmbH from Niederbreitbach in Rheinland-Pfalz allows not only high dimensional stability and a high degree of lightweight construction but also a high-quality and attractive surface. This surface is deliberately not painted, but only partially foil-coated for individual coloring and shows the texture of the flax fiber in its sporty tailor-made suit.



The illustration shows the seat shells, which will also be reinforced with a combination of carbon and flax fibers and in whose upper cover layers a seat heating system will be woven. A more detailed description of the seats optimized for use in the TWIKE will follow in a later article. Stay tuned.