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Quote from mobiles 38: “To meet future requirements for sustainable individual mobility, efficient alternatives to the resource- and energy-intensive passenger car are needed. In this context, the three-wheeler concept has only been realized in a few applications and has therefore never been able to fully establish itself. The TWIKE, on the other hand, as a low-energy vehicle with electric drive and muscle power assistance, has long been in series production based on this concept. Its basic attributes are therefore retained in the TWIKE 5 model currently under development. With an unladen weight of less than 500 kg, a very low energy consumption of 8 kWh per 100 km is achieved with high lateral and longitudinal dynamics. The three-wheel concept offers high potential for weight savings here thanks to the significantly lighter front axle; in addition, aerodynamics can be optimized as well as a unique selling point that is important for niche vehicles.” read more