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Feel your heartbeat!

Are you fit? With the TWIKE ((heartbeat)) the way to work becomes a daily training unit. Because this TWIKE is environmentally friendly, innovative vehicle and training machine in one. Keep your eye on the ball during training. With the Mio Link pulse bracelet* and your fitness app, the TWIKE becomes a piece of sports equipment with a sophisticated concept for your personal performance improvement.


* You already have a heart rate monitor? If he meets the same requirements, we will credit you 100 euros instead of the Mio Link.


We want them to be well


Because we care about your health, our offer includes a fitness health check** by a sports physician. This person creates an individual training recommendation and explains how to use the pulse wristband and fitness app. The pulse wristband not only records your health data, but also shows you in which heart rate zone you are.


** You can have this comprehensive sports medicine exam done by your own doctor or the one we recommend.


100% support


We support this action to 100% (= 10% discount on all 10 vehicles of the ((heartbeat)) edition). In return, you let us share in your training successes.***


*** We would like to get to know the training aspect of the TWIKE better in this way and also publish these results. The transmission of data is of course voluntary, the publication can be made anonymous if desired.