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The first TWIKE 3s have already been in use for almost 30 years. Because the first deliveries already took place in 1995 and quite a few of the TWIKE 3 will perhaps soon be entitled to two letters on the right edge of the license plate in Germany, the “E” for electric and the “H” for historic. The so-called H license plate may be applied for when the vehicle has reached an age beyond 30 lenze.


Isn’t it impressive that the first TWIKEs gave their pilots the opportunity to travel with such energy efficiency and such a small carbon footprint over such a long period of time? And the long service life in particular further improved the utilization of the manufacturing energy and motivated us to base the development of the TWIKE 5 on a similarly long service life. The TWIKE 5 is also expected to deliver this high level of benefit to its pilots over a period of 30 years and more.


We would like to emphasize the robustness built into the development of the TWIKE 5 with the following offer. Because on the one hand, we are quite sure that the service effort will be limited. On the other hand, the pre-orderers who trusted us early on should not only benefit from the robustness, but also beyond that.


The first 200 pre-orderers with a deposit higher than 10.000 € can now enjoy a high-quality TWIKE Pilot Jacket as well as a




look forward

This offer is limited in time until the 03.12.2021. Existing pre-orders with higher down payments will of course be taken into account and already benefit from this bonus.


The free service described here includes and is at the same time limited to the annual regular service over a targeted service life of 30 years. It can be claimed once a year at any participating TWIKE service partner. Not included are repairs, spare parts or replacement of parts. The FREE LIFETIME SERVICE benefit package is vehicle-specific and can be transferred to a new pilot when the vehicle is sold.


You are interested? Then reserve your TWIKE 5 now without obligation and follow the instructions to pre-order. We would be happy to have you with us.