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It was a fantastic final spurt and on the morning of January 16 the result was clear:

1,438,493 Euro Investments from 759 investors

We are delighted with such a positive response to our investment campaign with FunderNation and this tremendous vote of confidence.

The trust placed in us is both an obligation and a motivation – we do not stand still.

With the funds raised via FunderNation, we have collected around 70% of our interim financing requirement of EUR 2 million. That’s enough so that we don’t have to hit the brakes on our next steps to market. At the same time, there remains a gap of around 600,000 euros that we still have to cover to bridge the phase until the first vehicles are delivered. In the next steps we will optimize the rate of advance payments on pre-orders, you will hear more about this from us soon – because we do not want to experience any delays in the completion of the driver test vehicle or the preparation for production.