Get in the TWIKE. The energy turnaround has three wheels, room for two people and weighs less than 500 kg. Our contribution to a better world travels with a load over 600 km and consumes 0.5 l/100 km. Converted because TWIKE, as an electric vehicle, avoids fossil fuels wherever possible.

The new TWIKE 5 is not only a nose-length ahead of the automotive market, but also several steps ahead. There is no other vehicle with which one could be as efficient on the road. For TWIKE pilots, the energy revolution is already part of everyday life.

Welcome to the future.



Driving TWIKE is different. More sporty, for example. Because it can support the drive with its own muscle power. He doesn't have to. If he doesn't want to, he enjoys the ease of silent gliding. Only flying is supposedly more beautiful.

The principle of coupling man and machine is very simple. With TWIKE 3 you support the drive shaft mechanically, with TWIKE 5 you generate electrical energy. Both systems are the same: When you pedal, the battery is relieved and the range increases.

However, much more importantly, with the daily portion of exercise increase and maintain your physical fitness.

We do not know of any vehicle for which the term "sports car" would be more appropriate.



We have been continuously developing TWIKE for 20 years. The range has increased tenfold during this time and depends on the size of the TWIKE's battery. A rechargeable battery with a capacity of 9 Ah in the TWIKE 3 already enables a range of up to 65 km with normal operation, and up to 450 km with seven rechargeable batteries with 63 Ah. In spring 2015 we even drove 613 km with a single load.

The performance of the TWIKE 3 is already good for much more than just trouble-free "swimming" in city traffic. The TWIKE is also fast on the country road and even suitable for short motorway routes. If you like it faster, the TWIKE 5 will be a pleasure for you.

But every mobility requirement is different. Some TWIKE pilots use the TWIKE for commuting to work, others go to the North Cape.

Where does your journey lead you?