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A sustainable product is characterized by the fact that it is produced and used in a way that conserves resources, is environmentally friendly and takes social aspects into account. Responsible use of our planet’s finite resources also includes ensuring that a product is designed to last. As is well known, these attributes have increasingly receded into the background in recent decades. Many items are manufactured so cheaply that repairing them is not worthwhile and defective parts or the whole product are simply replaced with a new one – even if they are flown in or shipped in from distant countries. TWIKE’s brand philosophy is different. Sustainably produced products are often more expensive. One reason for this is that the quantities are smaller and the components are purchased at a higher cost than for large series. On the other hand, components are often installed, which are made of higher quality, should achieve a long service life.

A long service life can also be achieved through extensive maintenance and regular care – there are said to be many classic car owners whose heads are more often seen under the hood than behind the windshield. However, TWIKE’s claim is to offer a vehicle that is 100% suitable for everyday use. The TWIKE is designed to be on the road for as long as possible without major maintenance. Here, the electric drive per se offers considerable advantages: it is significantly less complex and consists of far fewer (wear) parts. Electric motors are low-vibration, there is no gearbox. Braking by “electric recuperation” reduces wear on brake discs and pads. Engine oil, urea, transmission oil, differential oil, timing belt change? You don’t need all that!

The TWIKE 3 already has a service life of over 20 years, and the first ones have already clocked up over 300,000 km. The design of the TWIKE 5 is even more focused on ease of service and repair.

Despite the advantages mentioned, it is an important criterion for TWIKE customers that service and repair services are readily available when needed – for many pilots, this is rightly a necessary prerequisite for their purchase decision. Therefore, the new TWIKE 5 is designed to allow more demanding service work in generally approved car and motorcycle workshops. Various jobs require the qualification of an electrician, but this is now a common qualification in workshops. The wheels (winter ⇔ summer) could also be changed by ourselves if necessary.

Independent workshops can be found practically everywhere, special tools are not mandatory for maintenance or repair. In this way, the TWIKE 5 will quickly gain a nationwide service network without having to make deeper investments. The durability also ensures good value retention – which, as with many sustainable products, puts the higher purchase price into perspective.