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An update on the body (Body In White)

In addition to the vehicle’s electrical system and all chassis components, the TWIKE 5’s body, which is predominantly of sheet metal shell construction, is currently undergoing its foreseeable final development run. There was still potential for increasing the stiffness of our e-mobile, especially in the rear section. A necessary reduction of the inward and outward spring travel from +/- 80 mm to a still comfortable 60 mm each allowed the lower connection of the spring strut to the upper mounting eye.

With optimized connection of all aluminum profiles to these repositioned frame nodes, we have also gained considerable stiffness potential. In addition to the rather theoretical optimization of the driving characteristics (lighter, stiffer, more defined), however, the trunk volume also increased to around 330 liters in this development loop, which was inevitable anyway. The loading area could be lowered and now has a footprint of 100 X 73 cm.

The average height of 50 cm thus allows the transport of, for example, 4 hop tea crates or 3 on-board cases. If you also remove the passenger seat – this is possible with a few simple steps – you get a usable area of even 110 X 60 cm or space for another 4 travel bags. Globetrotters can alternatively use this through-loading facility with a total length of just under two meters as a dry and comfortable berth for the planned round-the-world trip.