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405 kilometers will be the expected range of the TWIKE 5 according to the WLTP cycle prescribed for normal passenger cars. WLTP stands for “Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure”. This high range is possible because the TWIKE 5 will have a consumption of only about 7.3 kWh/100km due to its low vehicle weight of less than 500 kg, a low cw value of about 0.24 and its small frontal area of 1.7 m^2. The high efficiencies of the synchronous drive and its modern inverter also contribute significantly to this.

Likewise, the largest version of the 30 kWh Lion battery with a nominal voltage of 350 V has hardly any thermal losses and consequently an extremely high efficiency. If you deviate from the high speeds of the WLTP cycle and take even greater account of energy consumption in your driving style, you can even achieve ranges of over 600km.