Would you like to make the fun of TWIKE your business? - We support you with material, service and special conditions. We distinguish between the TWIKE TRAINER and the TWIKE SERVICE PARTNER.



Whether you simply start - with your own TWIKE, which you make available for test drives at the weekend, or with a fleet - to always be mobile - we will find the solution that is profitable for you. As a TWIKE TRAINER you can only specialise in test drives or also in sales and advice.

A TWIKE TRAINER can be interesting in big cities, or in the heart of a national park or even at the holiday resort complete with rooms and tour program - there are no limits to your imagination and we will be happy to advise you on your plans.

As a TWIKE TRAINER you offer pilot training. This is a driving training according to a defined procedure, which should allow the pilot pupil to test a TWIKE of the partner against expense allowance. The pilot training usually lasts approx. 2 hours and is offered by you as a partner at an individual hourly rate according to your discretion and the region.

As a TWIKE TRAINER you benefit from our partner conditions. How much you want to invest in vehicles and equipment is up to you. Our discounts adapt flexibly to your business plan. Make the fun of TWIKE your business!



Are you a master car mechanic or do you have another similar qualification? Are you interested in the mobility of the future? Then you are exactly the right person for us! A TWIKE SERVICE partner offers technical service and warranty services. Every employee working on safety-relevant TWIKE systems must be at least a motor vehicle technician or be appropriately trained. A TWIKE Service Partner ideally but not necessarily has a demonstration vehicle on site.

Our service partners receive free initial training from us. As a rule, all tools required for work on the TWIKE are already available in a normal workshop.

The partnership will be even more interesting for you if you become a TWIKE TRAINER and TWIKE SERVICE partner at the same time.



Yes, I would like to become a TWIKE partner! Please send me your application documents!