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In the TWIKE 5, two steering levers set the direction. Even the first TWIKE surprised more than 30 years ago with an unusual steering principle: a central steering lever in the middle of the vehicle. This principle brings lightweight advantages and allows ergonomic operation. But the main reason is, of course, that the legs move up and down while pedaling. A steering wheel would only get in the way. The steering of the current series TWIKE 3 is ingeniously simple. With a little driving practice and regular service, it works flawlessly and is even really fun.


Even good things can still be improved. The wish list included above all “faster learnability” and higher steering precision in all driving situations. The test drives in the TWIKE 4 quickly showed that the two-lever principle is the right way to go. For desired direction changes, the pilot recalls movement patterns familiar to him (turning a bicycle handlebar, turning a steering wheel, reining in a horse) and learns within a few meters how the vehicle responds to the driving commands.


In the TWIKE 5, this principle is taken over and optimized once again in an ingenious way with regard to self-steering behavior when driving over uneven ground or during emergency braking. The components selected are predominantly taken from large-scale automotive production and are of high quality and durability. To our knowledge, there is no comparable three-wheeled vehicle with such sophisticated steering and axle kinematics. More on this soon in this blog. Would you like to be shown the technique in more detail? Visit us.


We are looking forward to your visit in Rosenthal and invite you to a test drive with the TWIKE 4. Please book in advance and preferably at the weekend – because we would like to take enough time for you. Let’s TWIKE!