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At 11. and November 12, an international meeting of committed electromobilists will take place in Marrakech, Morocco on the occasion of the climate summit COP 22. Pilots from Morocco as well as from other European countries are expected to arrive on their own. An extremely interesting program awaits them on site.


Star ride to COP 22, Formula-E and WAVE-Earth world record attempt!


Originally invented in Switzerland, TWIKE has already made a name for itself in Morocco, as has Bertrand Piccard, pilot of the Swiss solar plane Solarimpulse. Because the TWIKE has once again demonstrated pioneering spirit here as the first approved e-vehicle. Swiss Louis Palmer is also planning to set a Guinness World Record during COP 22. As part of his WAVE Earth project, e-pilots are currently still being sought to take his climate pledge maps, created by schoolchildren around the world, to Marrakech with zero emissions. The world record attempt will take place in the Formula E stadium. The official race will take place on the same day and there will be free entry for all e-pilots who help with the set-up.


Schoolchildren in 100 coastal cities around the world have made a pledge on how they plan to reduce their own CO2 emissions. In the process, 40,000 self-designed cards were created. Almost a quarter of these maps were created by Moroccan students in cooperation with our local partner TWIKE Maroc. You will lay out the blue logo #1.5C. The event is organized by Louis Palmer with the support of UNESCO. Bertrand Piccard will support the world record attempt on site.


So there are many reasons for an electric rally!


TWIKE Maroc coordinates the trip and is happy to answer any questions about the tour or Morocco in general.

Contact: Silvia Brutschin / maroc(at)twike(dot)com


Tour A : Switzerland – Italy – Morocco: 31.10 – 12.11 / Ferry 03.11 – 05.11 Genoa – Tangier Med

Tour B : Switzerland – Italy – Morocco: 03.11- 12.11 / Ferry 07.11 – 09.11 Genoa – Tangier Med

Tour C : (Raphael de Mestre): Bucharest – Spain – Morocco : 04.11 – 12.11 / Ferry from Algeciras


Vehicles confirmed so far: Tesla & TWIKE


Our local partner will also be happy to provide tips on the charging infrastructure in Morocco.


The Moroccan TWIKE spent the summer in Rosenthal and was made fit for the COP 22, both technically and externally. See for yourself and get a foretaste of your own electric journey to Morocco with the help of unique pictures already: