Yes, I am seriously interested and hereby reserve a TWIKE 5 without obligation and at no cost. As soon as the vehicle is ready for the market, I will be given the opportunity to select the detailed equipment and convert this still non-binding pre-order into a then binding order.

The order of delivery is based on a time and interest based ranking system and is available on our online ranking disclosed. According to the current status (01/2023), production of the TWIKE 5 is scheduled to start in late summer 2023.

Since there are now more than 2,100 pre-orders for the limited series of 500 TWIKE 5 vehicles, the ranking list has been expanded for the designated successor model 6. The interest-based ranking system allows later pre-orderers to move up in the ranking with a down payment and also to reserve a desired serial number.

The new vehicle price for a TWIKE 5 is expected to range between 39,900 euros (range up to 250 km) and 49,900 euros (up to 500 km). Sales price in Germany, incl. 19% VAT, depending on battery equipment.

I can withdraw from my pre-order at any time without giving any reason.