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Mirror Mirror on the wall. Not on the wall, but on the upper A-pillar will be the stylish rearview mirrors of the TWIKE 5.


Since the vehicle body tapers sharply towards the rear, especially in the upper area, for aerodynamic reasons, the now secured position allows an optimum rear view far behind the vehicle. The mirror lenses are specially modified for the TWIKE 5 and receive an aerodynamically optimized housing. The complete volume of the mirror housings lies within the width of the vehicle, which makes folding unnecessary in tight parking spaces, for example.


If the shape and position now appear very harmonious and leave almost no questions, the path to determining the glasses and the associated approval process was more complex than first suspected. For the EU registration class L5e (three-wheeled motor vehicles), stricter registration requirements have been in effect since 2016, and the simple installation of standard motorcycle mirrors on a closed tricycle is no longer possible. Was there at the EU approval of the TWIKE 3 still the possibility of a motorcycle mirror gem. ECE R81 from the catalog and confirm the viewing windows, according to newer specifications, ECE R46 for passenger car rearview mirrors must be met. The regulations for car rear-view mirrors are much more comprehensive and the mirrors themselves must also be homologated in accordance with this ECE.


However, the work of developing our own mirror was worthwhile and all the requirements regarding viewing angle, operability, lightweight construction and aerodynamics were optimally met. The rear-view mirror housings are also extremely relevant to the development process in that, on the one hand, they have to comply with strict approval conditions and, on the other, their shape and position have an extreme influence on the overall aerodynamics of the vehicle.


Now that the mirrors are legally secured and determined, the next step is to carry out the aerodynamic optimizations again.