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Every year before the end of the year we present you our popular and traditional TWIKE calendar with themed postcard motifs. Just in time for the upcoming TWIKE 5 “Start of Production” year, this year’s calendar motto highlights what the TWIKE is also: – It’s a lifestyle! –


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“Lifestyle” colloquially refers to the way of life.


A large part of our TWIKE community follows the so-called LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) lifestyle, which is primarily oriented towards health and sustainability.


But what does a racetrack as a cover picture have to do with the LOHAS lifestyle?


In fact, the TWIKE 5 Performance model, limited to 500 units, with an acceleration of 4 seconds and a top speed of up to 190 km/h, seems more like a sports car made for the racetrack.


Uh, excuse me? Exactly! This raises questions at first, because the jump from 85 km/h (TWIKE 3) to 190 km/h seems enormous at first and can cause incomprehension. But it is exactly this aha effect, related to three-wheeled vehicles, that we need for the realization of the following TWIKE 6 series. Here, a reduction in power from 45 kW to 15 kW is to take place and initiate a return to “common sense”. Because this underlies the lifestyle of LOHAS. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that some calendar months have succeeded in cooperation with other innovative and like-minded companies and projects. This is how it should be!


For this edition of the calendar, in addition to the monthly themes, we’re also dedicating ourselves to the creation of hashtags, and we’re happy to include you.


In doing so, our calendar will tell the following story:

In January 2021, our fan community will enthusiastically cheer us on to the final spurt of TWIKE 5 production.


In February we pedal hard and show not only our muscles what we are made of, but also the winter, a well-known supreme discipline of all TWIKE.


In March, we profess to be part of a mobility turnaround, as do our colleagues in an innovative gondola system.


Some may completely throw overboard their previous style of living. The TWIKE 5 is curious and convinces itself with the innovative colleagues from Austria on site.


Cars are a man’s business? Really? The last word has probably not yet been spoken with the “Electrified Women”. Welcome to the colorful merry month of May! And you know, not only clothes make the man, but also the outfit of your vehicle.


The journey continues to Berlin. In June, the “Change” is not only announced here, but also already celebrated. It’s showtime!


Let’s take a more relaxed approach to July now. We not only experience the material of our surface, but also consider it at the point of growth. What a feast for the eyes!


In the vacation month of August, we dive into the fairy tale forest in a sporty way and let the marathonis admire us. However, we are also enthusiastic about the Burgwald Marathon event and will consider entering our own team of runners in the following year. Gladly also together with you.


And because we enjoy the events even more than before after the many lockdowns, we will compete with Team TWIKE at the EcoGrandPrix Schauinsland in September. The TWIKE 3 is, of course, one of the original models.


Thus, we extend the summer and head south. The legendary eRally RIVE Maroc is waiting for us and we have to defend the podium position of the last edition.


On our return to Germany, which is now cold, we enjoy not only the fast-charging function of the TWIKE 5, but also one of the best charging parks, and the legendary rolls known in the e-mobile scene must of course not be missed.


We and our vehicle are heading towards the winter month of December strengthened. Will we make it in time to see the auroras? We are curious ourselves! We want more, we want to go further, and we’re not ready to hibernate yet.

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