It is not only the vehicle concept that is unusual. It is also unusual that neither corporations nor stock markets are in charge here. We want to develop it with our TWIKE pilots and friends and together with you we also want to finance it.
That's what we call TWIKE Community Funding.



Community funding is a kind of swarm financing. In contrast to crowdfunding on Internet platforms such as Kickstarter & Co, our TWIKE community does not support the project with donations, but with an attractively interest-bearing loan. The amount of the loan is determined by the donor himself. He invests the money quasi as an interest-bearing down payment on a TWIKE 5.

As soon as the new model is ready for the market, the lender has the opportunity to convert it into an order. He is thus entitled to a vehicle from the first series. The order of delivery depends on the amount of interest earned in the meantime and, in the case of interest parity, on the date of receipt of the reservation. Of course no conversion must take place however. The loan can also be redeemed or even granted on a long-term basis, thus sustainably supporting the TWIKE brand.



Better today than tomorrow. But you always need patience in development. Now we are in the process of building a driver test vehicle. The first components have already been ordered. When it is on the road, it will be possible to fine-tune the chassis, drive and control system. If everything goes well, we will have received 2 million euros and at least 200 reservations by the end of the optimization phase at the latest.
Exactly six months later we will start production. So it's up to you!



The reservation of a TWIKE 5 is possible without down payment. The order of vehicle delivery for reservations without down payment sorts itself after the lender and depends on the date of receipt. It is therefore definitely worth making a reservation early!