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The cut-off date for the end of ranking calculation shall be the day of delivery of the vehicle positioned 10 places earlier (exception: for positions 1-10 to the SOP). The indication of the “ranking position in 90 days” serves only to show the dynamics of the amount of the advance payment and may differ from the real ranking position on the cut-off date in the last weeks before the cut-off date.


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Order TWIKE serial number

By the way, besides a TWIKE 5 you can also reserve its serial number between 1 and 500. The serial number, which is assigned to the vehicle according to the series, has a tradition at TWIKE and will make your TWIKE even more individual. The in the Blog marked with * are already reserved.


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If your serial number is higher than your ranking position in 90 days, all you need to do is email us at inform us. This way we can reserve your desired serial number for you. A further deposit is not really necessary for the time being, but it serves to secure your serial number.


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