The time is ripe for a new kind of mobility

The energy turnaround “Made by TWIKE” has three wheels, space for two people plus luggage and weighs less than 600 kg. Our contribution to more sustainable mobility consumes the equivalent of 0.5 l/100 km and has a range of 500 km. This is made possible by combining innovative technology with thoughtful design.

And every pilot can additionally do something good for himself and the environment with muscle power. TWIKE stands for sustainability, fitness, efficiency and design.

Welcome to the future.

With clean energy towards the future

The mobility turnaround on three wheels

Development to recumbent bike via TWIKE 3 to TWIKE 5

The TWIKE 5 – The Human Power Hybrid

The pedal system is not used for propulsion, but charges the battery and thus increases the range.
It is ergonomically matched with the seating position and arrangement of the side-stick steering, the coaster is connected to the hydraulic braking system.


From the very beginning, the development of the TWIKE was focused on the idea of CO2-free mobility. In addition, in the bi-directional charging system, electricity – e.g., from a car – can be used. from the PV system – can be stored and retrieved at a later time.


The integrated pedal system and the ergonomics of the seats allow fitness-enhancing workouts while riding. The function of the pedal generator is the same as an ergometer, the energy generated can be used to increase the range.


TWIKE has been a pioneer in sustainable mobility since 1998 and has increased the range of its vehicles tenfold in that time. From Ambibox to 3-in-1 electric drive to side-stick steering, TWIKE stands for innovation in vehicle construction.


There is no motorized vehicle with which you can travel as efficiently as with this human-power hybrid. The TWIKE 5 will consume less than half as much energy as a mid-range e-car.

TWIKE stands for a conscious lifestyle

More and more people want to pursue a conscious consumption and lifestyle. The TWIKE is designed precisely for this group of people.

The TWIKE is made for people who care about the consequences of their actions for themselves and their environment. They place particular emphasis on health and sustainability. They want products that can counteract climate change and at the same time are produced under good social conditions. However, technical innovation, lifestyle and aesthetics are equally important to these users. It is more important to them to be able to use a high-quality product over a longer period of time than to chase after short-lived trends.

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Range & Speed

Every mobility need is different. We will therefore offer the TWIKE 5 with different sized batteries. Although the same engine is installed in all models, the battery size not only influences the range, but also the maximum power that can be called up.

Even the smallest battery size will enable a speed of about 130 km/h and a range of more than 250 km. With the battery at maximum size, a speed of over 190 km/h and a range of over 500 km will be possible.

Made in Rosenthal

The new TWIKE 5 is manufactured in our production facility in Rosenthal. The small town in northern Hesse is situated in the middle of the Burgwald forest. In a production hall designed as a wooden post and beam structure, we carry out parts of the pre-assembly and the complete final assembly. The processes are deliberately kept lean and are significantly less complex than those of conventional automotive production. Our headquarters and operations reflect our commitment to greater efficiency and sustainability to achieve the best for people and the environment.



The first driver test vehicle (FET) drives. We could not have imagined that the test drives would fulfill all expectations.

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Be one of the pioneers

White TWIKE light electric vehicle future mobility


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