The TWIKE was a joint project from the very beginning. The TWIKE was developed and built by those who wanted to drive it. The further development has also taken up the impulses and ideas from the community of TWIKE pilots in many places.

We are building on this principle of community development in the development of the TWIKE 5. It will be the first production vehicle co-developed by the community of users.
At a very early stage of development, we therefore invited TWIKE pilots and friends to formulate their expectations of the new vehicle. The great feedback on our blog shows us that we are on the right track.

The next step was only logical: community funding. We understand this as the financial support of the development process by the TWIKE community. Because we want it to remain your and our project.


In order to cover our liquidity requirements, we first want to significantly increase the prepayment rate: If, for example, 500 pre-orderers make an advance payment of € 20,000, we will have the necessary liquidity for a smooth start to production.

Lower prepayments starting at €1,000 are also welcome and will ensure reservers who have not yet made a prepayment a better ranking for obtaining the TWIKE 5, which is limited to 500 units.

The PIONEER EDITION offer is also financially attractive.


You may not want to purchase a TWIKE 5 for the time being, but are still interested in the further development of the brand. You have the opportunity to participate with loans secured by inventory. Please send your request by e-mail to
Status Quo Development
  • A design update for the seat shell has been implemented.
  • The convertible roof shells have undergone a further design update.
  • The production orders for aluminum castings for the vehicle frame (BIW) were placed.
  • The VCCU (Vehicle Control Charge Unit) has been updated with a software update with 78% of the maximum charge. torque is put into operation.

You can find a list of the latest milestones on our blog

Current challenge
  • At the start of production (SOP), each vehicle component must be on site in at least the smallest order quantity.
  • Several components have to be ordered and prepaid in quantities of 500+.
  • No cash inflows will be generated with the delivery of the first TWIKE 5, as advance payments have already been made for these.
  • In total, this results in additional liquidity requirements of approx. 6 million by the time production starts.
What happens next
  • In order to cover liquidity requirements, we intend to increase the prepayment ratio as a priority. If 500 pre-orderers make an advance payment of €20,000, we will have the necessary liquidity for a fluid start of production.
  • All information about Advance payments and the topping up of payments already made is available on the website.
  • Also lower advance payments from 1.000 € are welcome and ensure those reserving who have not yet made an advance payment a better ranking for obtaining the TWIKE 5, which is limited to 500 copies.
  • In addition, there is the possibility to participate with loans secured by inventory. Interested investors should send inquiries by e-mail to