No other comparable means of transport runs as resource-friendly as the TWIKE: The low energy consumption at an equivalent of 0.5 litres of fuel per one hundred kilometres (sixty miles) is without competition. The TWIKE creates neither exhaust nor noise pollution and up to the abrasion of the tyres also no particulate matter.

The TWIKE consumes four to eight kilowatt-hours of energy per 100 km. If you take as a basis the CO2 emissions factor of the current German electricity mix of 0.6 kg/kWh, the TWIKE causes only 24 to 28 g/km. If the driving power for the TWIKE comes from renewable energy sources, the CO2 emissions will be between 2 and 5 g/km (compared to the Toyota Prius: 104 g/km. Source: ifeu Institute Heidelberg, Greenpeace Energy). If the electricity required comes directly wind or solar energy, neither fumes nor particulate matter are created also during the electricity generation.

The components of the TWIKE are mostly fully recyclable. The LION batteries have a long lifespan, which is much higher than the manufacturer’s warranty. The LION batteries of the first series have been in operation for almost 10 years, therefore there cannot yet be any final word on their actual lifespan.

If the battery dies, we take it through a metallurgical recycling process, in which especially cobalt, nickel and copper are recovered.