Not only the vehicle concept is unusual. It is also unusual that neither corporations nor stock markets have the say here. We want to develop it with our TWIKE pilots and friends and together with you we want to finance it.
This is what we call TWIKE Community Funding.


The TWIKE was a JOINT PROJECT from the very beginning. The TWIKE was developed and built by those who wanted to drive it. The further development since 2002 has also taken up the impulses and ideas from the community of TWIKE pilots in many places.

We build on this principle of COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT in the development of TWIKE 5. It will be a production vehicle that will be co-developed by the user community. At a very early stage of development, we therefore invited the TWIKE drivers and friends to formulate their expectations of the new vehicle. The feedback on our
blog page
shows us that we are on the right track.


Only logically was the next step: COMMUNITY FUNDING. We understand this to mean the financial support of the development process by the TWIKE community. Because we want it to remain your and our project.

We therefore offer all interested parties the opportunity to participate significantly in the development. At the same time, our offer is a very ATTRACTIVE INVESTMENT. You determine the amount of your investment yourself. You can keep track of your investment at any time on the specially set up website:


More than 1,000 reservations have already been made for TWIKE 5. Several with a supplementary down payment which thus ensure an early ranking place in a fair way (
TWIKE 5 – Ranking
). We now want to maintain this momentum and thus advance the development of a follow-up model in a timely manner.

The construction of the first test vehicles is now imminent. Near-series prototypes will follow soon. After delivery of the limited series of the TWIKE 5, we will further develop the vehicle platform and consolidate it with a subsequent cost-optimized TWIKE 6 series. This will require around 5 million euros. The investment is unprecedentedly low compared to similar product series in the automotive industry.

We are very confident that together we can make a difference. The world does not need more 2-ton vehicles, but pioneers who show that a different kind of mobility is possible.

Do you have any questions? We look forward to answering them. Feel free to send us an