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Here you can see the stand of our production hall on 05.11.2022 at the Open TWIKE Day.

In the meantime, the supporting structure of the upper floor has been moved into our new production hall, onto which the spare parts of the TWIKE 3 will be moved in the next few weeks. For example, additional space is to be created on the first floor of the existing production facility for the assembly of the TWIKE 5. A double-walled gate leading to the new handling area for goods to be delivered and the front door in passive house standard also had longer delivery times and could be installed last week. Slowly but surely, the traffic routes for future production processes and internal transports are being arranged. Because having all the required individual parts in the flow of goods in sufficient numbers at all times remains a demanding challenge, the status and impact of which on the SOP (start of production) we will report on in future news.