As good as TWIKE 4 is - we knew from the beginning that it would only be a prototype. Now we are going into series production. The TWIKE 5 is getting even better. It will be lighter, more powerful, more comfortable, more suitable for everyday use and even cooler.



Top speed (1)
120-190‌‍‌ km/h‌

Range per charge (2) (4)
150-500 km

Weight (2)
435-495 kg

Energy (3)
7 kWh/100 km



The TWIKE 5 will also be a light, highly efficient three-wheeled vehicle. Because only a light vehicle can be operated in an energy-saving manner. Each additional kilogram costs additional energy if it is accelerated. We have therefore set ourselves the upper limit of 499 kg in the development phase. Although the TWIKE 5 is heavier than the TWIKE 3, the additional consumption is almost completely compensated by a higher electrical efficiency and lower air resistance. Depending on the speed range, the TWIKE 5 is even more economical than the TWIKE 3. Here you will find more information on consumption.




The TWIKE 5 is equipped with a completely newly developed sidestick steering system. With this steering principle, already proven in the TWIKE 4, the vehicle can be steered precisely and without fatigue even over long distances and at high speeds.





Every need for mobility is different. We will therefore offer the TWIKE 5 again in a good tradition with batteries of different sizes. Although the same motor will be installed in all models, the battery size influences not only the range but also the maximum retrievable power. Even the smallest battery size will enable a sufficiently high speed of about 120 km/h and a range greater than 150 km. With a maximum large battery, a speed of over 190 km/h and a range of over 500 km will be possible.


Energy 15 kWh

Range 150-250 km

Max. speed 120 km/h

Energy 20 kWh

Range 200-330 km

Max. speed 140 km/h

Energy 25 kWh

Range 250-415 km

Max. speed 155 km/h

Energy 30 kWh

Range 300-500 km

Max. speed 165 km/h (190 km/h)




Unique in TWIKE: Pedal support through muscle power - for driver and passenger (optional). The energy gained charges the battery and thus increases the range. But even more important is the contribution to one's own health - the pedal generator allows the daily ration of fitness training, almost incidentally.


Vehicle type
3-wheeled electric vehicle with optional muscle power assistance, convertible, two-seater

Three-wheel motorcycle, EU-class L5e, US-motorcycle

Synchronous motor with reduction gear / rear wheel drive

Maximum power
70 kW

Nominal power
45 kW

Motor efficiency

Drive control
IGBT inverter, external control electronics

Acceleration / Recuperation / Cruise control
Stepless finger potentiometer, additional button for cruise control

Pedal function
Pedal generator with stepless regulation, individual training units programmable


Nominal voltage
353 V

Charging power
0,8 km/min @ 3,5 kW AC
2,5 km/min @ 11 kW AC
5 km/min @ 22 kW AC
6,8 km/min @ 30 kW DC

Charger plugs (5)

Curb weight (2)
435-495 kg

Max. load capacity (2)
250-310 kg

Front suspension
Double longitudinal link swing arm with wheel bearing flange for classic passenger car rims

Rear suspension
DeDion composite suspension with stabilizer

Double lever control with bump-steer compensation

2-circuit brake system
Front disc brake
Rear disc brakes
Recuperation, stepless
Downhill cruise control

Modular safety cell, Aluminum space frame, Composite safety body
Hood lock, steering system lock, 3-point safety belt

cd value
< 0,24

Front surface A
1,7 m²

Product cd x A
< 0,41 m²

Luggage space
300 ltr (600 ltr without the passenger seat)

(1)  depending on performance option;
(2)  depending on battery equipment;
(3)  WLTP, simulated;
(4)  depending on driving style and environmental conditions;
(5)  except for the TYPE2 and the CCS connector, the connections shown require an adapter



It is not only the vehicle concept that is unusual. What is also unusual is that neither the corporations nor the stock markets are in charge here. And the TWIKE Community makes sure that it stays that way. 
Read more about financing and become part of the TWIKE 5 success story!



Attention: The TWIKE 5 is limited to a series of 500 vehicles. However, we let the reservation counter overrun, because experience has shown that not all reservations are converted into binding orders and so a late reservation can move forward. We also accept a late TWIKE 5 reservation as an early reservation for a TWIKE 6.

The new vehicle price for a TWIKE 5 shall be between 39.900 € and 49.900 € (sales price in Germany, incl. 19% VAT, depending on the battery equipment).