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An important part of our efficiency formula is that we focus our new development on those components for which no good solution is yet available on the market. In the case of suitable components that are available on the market, we have consistently organized high-quality takeover parts “off the shelf” from the very beginning and secured the possibility of sourcing them for us. In addition to tires, wheels, batteries and many other standard parts, this also includes the e-drive, which we obtain from Vitesco Technologies source.

The Regensburg-based company is a leading international developer and manufacturer of modern drive technologies for sustainable mobility. This is a spin-off of Continental AG, which has been listed independently on the stock exchange since 2021. The supplier of system solutions and components for combustion, hybrid and electric drives employs almost 40,000 people worldwide, generating annual sales of over 8 billion euros. So we have no fear of contact with the big players in the automotive industry – and neither do they with us.

In its original design, the TWIKE 5’s e-drive mobilizes up to 150 kW of power and up to 2,900 Nm of torque, weighs just 76 kilograms and is barely larger than an on-board case in terms of its dimensions (40x35x55 cm). In addition to the powerful torque, it also has a high efficiency.

Premiere for Vitesco

Vitesco Technologies will use the highly integrated EMR3 system in the TWIKE 5 for the first time outside the passenger car sector, where it has already been selected for more than 20 vehicle models. So it’s a proven technology, which we consider a big advantage.

The third generation EMR (Electronics Motor Reducer) is a compact, lightweight unit consisting of a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the power electronics (inverter) and a reduction gear (reducer). The highly integrated system does not require any plugs or cables to connect the motor and inverter, which also contributes to its robustness.

As if made for the TWIKE 5

With its minimal installation space requirements, low weight, high torque and thus the driving fun it enables, the EMR is tailor-made for our small, lightweight and high-performance TWIKE 5.

In addition to performance, efficiency was also of key importance to us. The EMR3 has high efficiency in all load ranges, so we can achieve very low consumption values. In addition, this drive unit is particularly lightweight, extremely robust, and easy to adapt. The background of an already ongoing, high-quality series production also contributed significantly to our decision.